RPI Show Wizards create Hollywood Magic: "Valio Milk" TV Commercial [Media Release]

SnowFX Celebrates 20-Years and "Revolutionizes an Industry" [Media Release]

Proprietary Systems--Does Not use "Soap-and-Bubbles" Commercial/Consumer machines. NEW Dry "Tech" -Vanishes On or Before Contact...

Our "PhatasmicSnow Spectaculars!" is a guaranteed Guest Traffic-Booster. "Best Use of Technology" - Bizbash Events Awards Nominee 

Featured in major TV & film, theatres, casinos, retail centers, music concerts and promotional events worldwide!

24-Years of Innovation! No matter where you are located, you can bring the magic of a realistic snowfall to your venue! Direct from the proprietors of the original vanishing snowfalls shows, Hollywood SnowFX appears and disappears like Magic! Since the early 90's, the RPI Magic & Illusioneering team has been perfecting the art of artificial snow effects. Many years have gone into researching and refining this proprietary effect which has resulted in a smooth, safe and flawless indoor/outdoor miracle that can be accomplished in any environment and in any size venue! Combine Hollywood SnowFX with our critically-acclaimed [& one-of-a-kind] 360-Laser & Effects Shows to create an unforgettable Spectacle!

Sure--Anyone can "Make It Snow" and throw-in some "Lighting Effects" but will audience truly remember the event? Did the event deeply engage each targeted guest demographic? We've built a solid reputation on creating Immersive Experiences that "Dazzle the Mind & Touch the Soul!TM" RPI delivers results [and some merriment too] that has earned our client-partners' repeat collaboration, trust & loyalty.

Hollywood SnowFX is a subsidiary of RPI Entertainment & Media Group, a multinational production company specializing in turnkey, Innovative Entertainment Solutions for over 23-years

We proudly boast our Elated Clients, International Press Coverage & Unpublished Video Reels. Contact us get your copy of the RPI "Holiday WOW!" Experience Planning Kit... and learn how RPI can create your very own Immersive Experience. Or check www.RPIme.com

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